October 8th, 2018

Hair Transplants

Hair loss can be a condition that some men simply tolerate and accept with age. For other men, however, hair loss can mean much more than a sign of age. It can lead to a loss of confidence, self-esteem, and, for some media jobs, a loss of livelihood. It’s no wonder then that so many men are looking for ways to restore their hair. But there’s one technique that, far and away, beats out all the others if you’re willing to undertake it. The hair transplant is, hands down, a winning solution to hair loss, and here’s why.

It’s One And Done

Unlike some other solutions, such as hair restoration formulas that need to be applied to the head, a hair transplant is a single procedure that never needs to be repeated again. It literally relocates hair follicles from one part of your body to the other, so there’s no need to do anything else once the procedure is complete. After a few months to “settle in,” the hair will grow of its own accord with no additional need for supplements, retreatments, or other additional actions.

It’s Cheaper

On the surface, a hair transplant may seem like an expensive solution, because it is, after all, a medical procedure. However, because of the fact that this is a permanent procedure, that cost is one time only. When compared with other hair restoration alternatives that may require you to pay small amounts for the rest of your life, in order to maintain a lifetime supply of formula, you’re actually, in the long run, spending far more money over years and decades, versus a one-time payment.

It’s Low Maintenance

Once you’ve gotten a hair transplant, all you need to do to take care of that transplant is… whatever you normally do with your hair. Shampoo it to keep it clean. Cut it on occasion to keep it trimmed and neat. This is your normal hair, normally grown from your body, and so doesn’t require any special supplements or treatments to in order to keep it growing and healthy.

It’s A Permanent Solution

After you get a hair transplant, there are no more future concerns of “What if I get hair loss again,” or “what if bald spots develop in the future?” A hair transplant, once you commit to it, is going to eliminate all of these potential hair loss issues for the remainder of your life. You now have a new set of hair follicles in your head that are still your own. The hairline isn’t going to recede, and the pattern baldness isn’t going to emerge.

You Get Your Look Back

Perhaps the most important benefit of a hair transplant is that this is your hair, in your natural color, and, once time passes and it naturally grows back in, you will regain the looks you’re accustomed to. For some people, hair loss can have a dramatic impact on their appearance, and subsequently, their self-esteem and their ability to interact confidently with other people. But by regaining the appearance they’re used to and prefer, men can get their confidence and social life back.

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