October 3rd, 2018


A massage during any season has its benefits, but a massage during autumn presents some special ones. There’s a lot more to massage therapy than just relaxation, and the act of getting a massage brings numerous other benefits to the body that many don’t consider. The autumn season can be a stressful one, with summer vacations winding down and the start of the pre-holiday season and stress alone is well known to do a number on the body.

When considering the specific benefits of autumn massage, one must first look at the most common physical problems autumn is known to bring. The big benefits of an autumn massage are:

Stress relief

Stress affects the body in a strange and uncomfortable way. Essentially, stress hormones trigger the body’s “fight or flight” response, and in doing so elevates the heart rate and cause muscles to naturally tense. Autumn is a stressful time, with kids going back to school, the holiday season coming up quickly, and the weather turns cool and crisp. During a massage, the therapist targets these stress points, like the pressure regulating Vagus nerve, and stimulates to relieve natural stress tension. 

Decrease anxiety and depression

For those who suffer from SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, anxiety and depression are natural parts of the coming of the fall season. A simple massage is known to boost mood and relax anxious feelings, which can relieve these feelings and provide for a happier autumn. With the release of serotonin and dopamine through massage therapy, the body is given the tools it needs to balance mood.

Boost your immune system

Winter colds can put a real damper on your season and all the things you want to spend the season doing. A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that massage therapy has the potential to increase the body’s natural fighter cells, helping the body to ward off nasty cold bugs and viruses.

Better sleep

With anxiety, stress, depression, and illness, it can be tough getting to sleep. The relaxation achieved through massage therapy may help the body to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer, providing your body with a better reset each and every night.

Pain reduction

Neck and back pain isn’t just an autumnal problem, but an all year problem. However, the additional stresses felt during the fall can make tension worse in these areas. Massage therapy targeted to these common pain areas can work to loosen muscles and relieve the pain or tension you may be feeling. Throughout long workdays and chilly evenings spent indoors, the pain will have met its match.

Massage Therapy For Any Season

Massage therapy provides distinct benefits no matter the season, and fall is no exception. With seasonal massage, professionals are given the ability to feel their best no matter the time of year, which translates to better productivity and office morale. 

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